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Other than our free classifieds ads, we have a bunch of other stuff too. See below to find out about our mobile apps, watch some videos, or check out our Blog.

Links & Stuff

Learn about the latest happenings at eBay Classifieds as well as how people are using what they find on our site.
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Mobile Apps Information
Find out about our free iPhone & Android apps.
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Videos Page
We've created a collection of short videos about eBay Classifieds that we think you'll find amusing.
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Responsible Pet Ownership
A new pet is big responsibility. Check out these tips from the Humane Society of the United States.
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Introducing eBay Classifieds
Hey, we changed our name and added some new features. This is where you can read about it.
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Help Center
Just in case you didn't find the link at the bottom of every page, you can use this one to get help.
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We've partnered with our friends over at Widgetbox to test out some
cool widgets.
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eBay Classifieds Ambassadors
Check out some of our favorite professional organizers and bloggers below.


  1. Karen DeClark – KD Organizing
  2. Monica Friel – Chaos to Order
  3. Suellen Germani – Creative Order
  4. Julie Hibbs – Squared Away
  5. Julie Naylon – No Wire Hangers
  6. Lisa Zaslow – Gotham Organizers


  1. Kris Cain – Little Tech Girl
  2. Tricia Callahan – Once a Month Mom
  3. Tiffany Dockery – Living As Mom
  4. Linsey Krolik – Me Too You
  5. Stacy Nerdin – Tree, Root and Twig
  6. Amy Oztan – Selfish Mom
  7. Jenn Padgett – Five Dollar Shake
  8. Sommer Poquette – Green and Clean Mom
  9. Cat Schwartz – HiTechMommy

eBay Classifieds Pictures Used by permission - The Next Corner