Introducing eBay Classifieds Alerts

How often have you found the item you want, then contacted the seller only to find out
the item's sold?

Subscribe now to eBay Classifieds alerts and make that situation less likely. With alerts we're putting the power in your hands. You have the opportunity to be the first to find an item.

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Alerts are like having your own eBay Classified's agent, working on your behalf to find the item you want letting you know before anyone else.
Alerts never sleep or rest. They do all the searching delivering real time results straight to your email inbox.

How it works

You can subscribe to an alert directly from the top of any search result; type in your keyword and you can set an alert for this search. You can choose to receive email alerts or text (SMS) alerts to your cell. For SMS alerts, all you have to do is type in your number, you will then be asked to activate your alert. Activation is done by sending a text to us using the activation code we will give you. That's it, you're done.

While the default for alerts is realtime for all alerts, for email alerts you can adjust your preferred frequency once you've received your first alert.

Remember, you can subscribe to email or text alerts from any search. The prompt is at the top of the results page. So don't hesitate, be the first, sign up for alerts.

To post a question about alerts, text or email, click here.
You can also email customer support classifiedssupport@ebayclassifieds.com.

If you're receiving alerts on a cell you can get help by texting "help" to 32522. Alternatively you can cancel your alert by texting "stop" to 32522.