Do you have Kid Clutter?

Calling all parents to post their children’s unused items on eBay Classifieds for a good cause!

eBay Classifieds Helps You Resell
Your Child’s Unused Items

  • The average parent spends more than $1,400 on baby specific items in preparation for a new baby

  • 62% of parents said their babies accumulated more stuff in a year than they did in five years

  • 30% of parents said that their child’s stuff is taking up space in a closet and only 15% said that they’ve actually sold things online

Tips from the Pros!

Maximize Closet Space:

Utilize every inch of your closet by inserting a low hanging closet rod and shelving. An over-the-door shoe rack is a great place to store small baby necessities like lotions, medicines and powders.

In & Out:

Once you’ve decluttered your home, keep it from coming back. Commit to setting aside an hour each month to list the toys and other baby items you child has outgrown on eBay Classifieds.

An Image is Worth 1000 Words:

If you’re holding onto an item for sentimental reasons and it’s just taking up space, take a picture and create a scrapbook, that way you can always remember the item and get your space back.

College Bound:

If your child is going to college, buy a storage box and have them fill it with items they want to keep and store it in the garage or attic, then in four years have them go through the box. The contents probably won’t be as important.

Teach a lesson:

Turn organization into a learning tool, rather than a punishment. Let your child decide where things should be put away and support their decisions.

Too Much in the Toy Box:

Every time your child receives a new toy, have them get rid of an old one. Also, make it easy to put toys away.

Declutter Season:

Plan a declutter day for every season and make sure the whole family is home to participate and sort items that can be put on eBay Classifieds. Use the money earned to plan a fun family activity!

Mommy Connection:

Purchase items that babies grow out of quickly secondhand. Visit eBay Classifieds to find gently used cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, and strollers.

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