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  • Our company is a direct hire recruiting firm located in NH. We specialize in the Building Materials & Lumber Industry and have received excellent responses via our Ebay Job Postings. I am so happy we were able to work with Ebay Classifieds and clarify use of the site in order to enable SnapDragon Associates' use. The site allows us to drive traffic via LinkedIn and Twitter; thus many of our postings have received 150 views as well as prompted passive candidates to apply. I have and will continue to recommend the site to recruiters as it continues to be a valuable tool. Thank you to Neil and everyone else at Ebay for sharing in our success!
    KatieHagan New Hampshire
  • We have been raising and selling Miniature Schnauzers in Central/NorthCentral Minnesota for 16 years and we have never before had such success selling our puppies. We have always been able to sell all of the puppies from each litter, but sometime it took a while. When we put our first ad up on eBay Classified's web site, we started getting responses almost immediately. We sold all our puppies in a matter of a few days. Before it could take several weeks and of course we had to pay more to advertise over a longer period of time. eBay Classifieds has made a HUGE difference in how we can sell our puppies. We even had to start a 'Wait List' for the next litter of puppies. Unfortunately that means we will not need eBay Classifieds to get the sales done for the next litter of puppies. Rest assured though when we run out of 'Wait List' prospects we will be back on eBay Classifieds. We even have had people calling AFTER we cancelled our ad. It appears they saved the ad and are checking back to see if we have any litters coming up. Maybe our 'Wait List' will keep growing and we can hold off on the next eBay Classifieds posting for a while yet. But, we will be BACK.
    Daniel Brainerd
  • good experience.
    siri Bellingham
    PAMEZERNACK Oklahoma City
  • Thank you! Your site found two homes for my baby Cockatiels while the ad I placed in the newspaper got me no replies. I will tell all my friends about eBay Classifieds and check you out first if I'm looking to buy or sell ANYTHING. Thank You again!!
    Barb Rockford
  • I put all of my ads on Ebay Classifieds. I find there are a better quality of buyers who are looking and selling items on this site. It is pointless to put an ad for a pet on Craigslist because the little people with no life pick thru the ads and flag them for no valid reason. Then the ad is removed. This wastes time selling pets or any pet item I have available. I started with Kijiji and continued advertising here on Ebay when ownership changed. I recommend Ebay Classifieds wholeheartedly --- I also sneak in ads once in a while on Craigslist to tell people to advertise HERE instead! (of course those ads don't stay on CL very long-cause I get flagged, flagged, flagged. How annoying.) Anyway, I wholeheartedly recommend Ebay Classifieds for buying and selling anything, especially pets and pet items.
    FF Cleveland
  • I'm just one of the countless individuals who is fed up with the many short comings of CraigsList. The eBay Classifieds platform offers a sound alternative without any of the shenanigans perpetrated by the CraigsList system and its users. All of our posting "go live" and are never "ghosted" or "auto-deleted" by the big brother tracking system. eBay Classifieds may be less populated than CraigsList, but don't let that scare any of you would be sellers away. In fact, let us all embrace it. Less clutter means buyers can actually find your postings and eBay offers a level of legitimacy that Craig Numark and his band of mindless followers will never able to afford. I wholeheartedly endorse eBay Classifieds for its simply user interface and its ability to offer a legitimate sales environment.
    MatthewMyers San Francisco Bay Area
  • We raise Boston Terrier puppies, and everyone that seen a picture of them Oh, they are adorable and so cute. I somehow happen to run across Ebay Classified and put an ad on there for my puppies to sell, and I got several calls on our puppies, and have sold everyone. Thanks so much eBay Classifieds. You did us a great favor. Thanks to all who got them and trust they have brougt a blessing to your home. Miriam from West union, Ohio
    miriam Ocala
  • While searching for my Miniature Schnauzer puppy, I came across an eBay Classified ad from Robert at MySchnauzerBabies. What a delight to deal with someone who knew everything there is to know about the breed and who cared enough about his "babies" to make sure that they were going to a good home and would be loved just as much as he was loving them. Should I ever want another puppy to love, I will definitely go to Robert and MySchnauzerBabies. They have a loyal following with our family.
    Lori Ocala
  • I think you have a great site. I always tell anyone and everyone about it. I like to thank the eBay classifieds staff for all your help and quick response to all the e-mails or correspondence with myself. I wish only the other sites was half as courteous as yourself.
    Joseph Dutch Country PA

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